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Versatile electric fogger makes disinfecting and deodorizing fast and easy.
Constructed of rugged molded polyethylene, the Blastmaster electric fogger is great for duct sealing, deodorizing and disinfecting. ... (more)

Degrease-All E™
Clean valuable electronic equipment.
Degrease-All E is a highly concentrated cleaner and degreaser specially formulated to clean electronic equipment. Highly effective at removing smoke damage and fire related re... (more)

High performing solvent cuts through and cleans the heaviest grease and oil residues.
Degrease-All is a highly effective, versatile general purpose cleaner for greasy soils and particulate without harsh fumes. ... (more)

Discontinued ProRestore Products Chemicals
Material Data Safety Sheets for discontinued products
Links to MSDSs for all discontinued ODORx, Unsmoke, Microban and other legacy products are provided below. Products are listed alphabetically by name. Can't find what you... (more)

Electro-Gen 2000™
Powerful thermal fogging device for water-based fogging agents.
The Electro-Gen 2000 was designed with safety and performance in mind. Use the Electro-Gen 2000 with ODORx Thermo-2000 formulations, which are water-based and offer a safer al... (more)

Tackle odors fast and efficiently with the industry's most durable electric thermal fogger.
A versatile odor control application tool, the Electro-Gen produces a true "dry fog" with a particle size similar to that found in smoke – allowing for deep, thorou... (more)

ProRestore Products
About our company
ProRestore Products™ provides odor and antimicrobial solutions for any environment, including water and fire damage restoration. ProRestore incorpo... (more)

A highly effective odor counteractant.
Thermo-2000 is a powerful water-based odor counteractant formulated for use in thermal foggers. Unlike solvent-based thermal fogging formulations Thermo-2000 has reduced level... (more)

Thermo-Gen™ VF
The ultimate odor control machine.
The Thermo-Gen VF produces extremely fine particles – small enough to allow complete penetration of contaminated surfaces. The fog produced by the Thermo-Gen... (more)

Easy to apply flame retardant provides long-lasting protection.
A clear, odorless, water-based liquid flame retardant, Un-Flame renders suitable materials flameproof. When exposed to flame, Un-Flame inhibits oxidation and produces a thin l... (more)

Unsoot™ #1 Encapsulant
Forms a clear, encapsulating film to contain particulates and dust.
Unsoot #1’s long-lasting barrier helps prevent the release of particulates, thereby helping to improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort after restoration. Use on ... (more)

Unsoot™ #2
Seals and protects surfaces with long-lasting film that is protected against mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.
When dry, Unsoot #2 creates a coating that provides long term protection from fungal attack. Apply on furnace ducts and vents or other hard surfaces. ... (more)

Woodcraft™ Restoration Cleaner
Effective gel-based compound gently cleans finished wood and restores its natural properties.
Woodcraft assists in the removal of dirt and odors from any hard surface including finished wood, metal, plastic, and fiberglass. Woodcraft comes in a convenient hand pump con... (more)

The mark MICROBAN is used pursuant to a license agreement.

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