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Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal System
Succeed at deodorizing pet odors where others have failed
Beloved pet “accident” odors mean opportunity for you. Learn how ProRestore’s specially formulated ODORx™ Urinse and Un-Duz-It work together. This knock-out team completely deodorizes urine spots in carpet and pad by removing the urine salts and proteins left behind. 
Learn more:

Urinse Pre-Spotte

Follow our step-by-step process: 
• Identify urine spots
• Apply Urinse to liquefy urine residues
• Follow up with the bio-enzymatic action of Un-Duz-It to digest proteins left behind

This winning system is so effective, you can succeed where other carpet cleaners have failed. We guarantee it! 
• Be the pet odor removal specialist 
• Valuable add-on service for your business
• Save and restore carpets instead of removing them


The mark MICROBAN is used pursuant to a license agreement.

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