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SurfaceShield® and Surface Shield Plus Protectant
Helps protect against future water damage and staining from mold and mildew - 10-year Limited Warranty!
SurfaceShield is a new class of penetrating, breathable barrier that blocks the nutrients that promote mold and mildew growth from reaching the surface of the treated materials. Both products include an EPA-registered preservative that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the dry coating surface. Utilizing a patented technology that penetrates deeply into porous materials, Surface Shield also creates a moisture-resistant coating that is sandable and makes surfaces highly resistant to water damage. Surface Shield Plus offers the same protection with the addition of a white tint to track application. 
10-year Limited Warranty

 Legend Rewards: 500 Points
Xactimate: PNT S+++

Features & Benefits

  • Penetrates wood and other porous materials to inhibit growth of mold and mildew on the dry surface coating.
  • Adds protection against future water damage and staining from mold and mildew.
  • Economical, water-thin, low-VOC solution that can be applied with airless sprayer.
  • Treats porous interior surfaces such as OSB, plywood, and other engineered wood products as well as brick and wallboard.
  • SurfaceShield Plus includes a white tint to track coverage.


SurfaceShield (5 gal.)
Form Liquid RTU
Case reorder no. 252753000
Flash point 224º F | 106.6º C
Appearance Translucent liquid
pH 8.2
VOC  Nil
Nonvolatile matter 3%
Specific gravity 1.05
Patent no. 7,655,281
Use Instructions

Apply with airless sprayer, brush or paint roller. 

For complete instructions and safety information about this product, refer to the product label and Safety Data Sheet, available under the Documents tab. 


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