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Air Neutralizer
Eliminates smoke and fire odors from hard surfaces and textiles.
This versatile formulation neutralizes fire, smoke and cigarette odors and removes residue that can cause odors.
Use full strength, as a solution or an additive depending on the application for:
  • Interior air deodorizing
  • Neutralizing odors on burnt surfaces
  • As an additive for wall cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • To remove cigarette odors, plus tar and nicotine residue

Apply directly with a mister or add to other cleaning agents or paint for highly effective and long-lasting odor control.


Air Neutralizer (Case)Air Neutralizer (Pail)
Formulation RTU
Sold in cases 4 one gallon (3.8L) bottles
Reorder no. U0141164G 
Flash point 109º F | 43º C 
Appearance Transparent liquid, amber color
pH 7.0
Specific gravity 0.978
Product Images

Image of Air Neutralizer

Use Instructions


DIRECTIONS: Note: Cover furniture, paintings, clothes or any objects subject to attack by solvents. Avoid overwetting.

FOR INTERIOR AIR DEODORIZING: Mix 22 ozs. to 1 gallon of water. Use fine mist setting on cold fogger. Repeat treatment if necessary.

FOR BURNT SURFACES: Use full strength. Apply with a natural fiber brush.

AS AN ADDITIVE: To wall cleaning solution: use 3 ozs. per diluted gallon. To water-based paint, use 4 ozs. per gallon. To carpet and upholstery shampoo: use 1 oz. per diluted gallon to cut soot and deodorize textiles.

FOR REMOVING CIGARETTE ODORS: Add 3 ozs. to regular cleaning solution. Will remove tar and nicotine from all surfaces

For complete instructions and safety information about this product, refer to the product label and Safety Data Sheet, available under the Documents tab. 


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