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Microban X-590
Water-based bactericide, fungicide, deodorant and insecticide with tracer
Just one application of the new Microban X-590 kills nuisance insects, mold, mildew and bacteria odors. It's registered for use on soft surfaces, including mattresses, so it's perfect for combating bed bugs. X-590 is also suitable for many decontamination applications including sewage backups, removal of carcasses and more.
Please specify if ordering from California. X-590 is not available in Canada.

Microban X-590 replaces Microban X-580.

Legend Rewards: 100 Points
Xactimate: WTR GRM

As an insecticide, Microban X-590 kills roaches, lice, fleas, ants, beetles, bed bugs and their larvae. And as a bactericide, Microban X-590 is EPA-registered for spray application. Microban X-590 includes a tracer, which is especially important when proving compliance with local regulations for mattress treatment.


X-590 (case)X-590 (Pail)
Formulation RTU
Sold in cases 4 by one gallon (3.8L) bottles
Case reorder no. 221552000
Flash point 77º F | 25º C
Appearance Transparent yellow liquid
pH 6.5-7.5
Specifiic gravity 0.9
EPA registration no. 70385-3
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Image of X-590


The mark MICROBAN is used pursuant to a license agreement.

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