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Unsmoke Un-Flame™
Easy to apply flame retardant provides long-lasting protection.
A clear, odorless, water-based liquid flame retardant, Un-Flame renders suitable materials flameproof. When exposed to flame, Un-Flame inhibits oxidation and produces a thin layer of char which stops flame spread and actually extinguishes the fire.

Legend Rewards: 100 Points

Material with Un-Flame becomes flame resistant when thoroughly dry. The more thoroughly Un-Flame is applied the greater the fire resistance. Flame resistance is established once the treated material is completely dry. Un-Flame meets NFPA-701, Steiner A.S.T.M.-E84-80 Tunnel Test and the F.A.A. Horizontal and Vertical Test.
Not available for purchase in California.


Formulation RTU
Sold in cases only 4 one gallon (3.8L) bottles
Case reorder no. 342502000
Flash point > 200º F  | 93.3º C
Appearance Colorless liquid
pH 6.4
Specific gravity 1.07
Product Images

Image of Unflame

Use Instructions

Mixing: Do not dilute. Use full strength.

Application: Apply with a pressure sprayer, cold fogger, or airless paint sprayer. Thoroughly saturate material to be treated. One gallon will cover approximately 500 square feet. See label for additional instructions.

Un-Flame protection is not removed by dry cleaning, but should be reapplied after wet cleaning to insure continued flame resistance.

For complete instructions and safety information about this product, refer to the product label and Safety Data Sheet, available under the Documents tab. 


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