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ODORx Thermo-55™
Powerful heat-activated odor counteractant.
Utilizing a blend of highly purified petroleum solvents and odor-controlling essential oils, Thermo-55 creates a vapor barrier that prevents malodors from finding their way into the living environment. Solvent-based and available in a wide range of pleasant scents, Thermo-55 is especially effective for controlling odors associated with structural fires. It is also highly effective for tobacco-related odor removal.
Thermo-55 is available in a variety of scents formulated to combat specific smoke odors. Choose your primary smoke odor source from the list below to locate the best product for your smoke remediation project: 

Protein: Citrus
Synthetic: Kentucky Blue Grass
Natural: Neutral or Cherry
Tobacco: Tabac-Attack

Working with especially difficult odors? Try ProRestore's Proven Odor Removal System

Legend Rewards: 100 Points
Xactimate: CLN DODR

3-Step Odor Removal Flyer 

Wildfire Smoke Odor Control Flyer

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Thermo-55 Cherry (gal.)Thermo-55 Citrus-Lemon (gal.)Thermo-55 KBG (gal.)Thermo-55 Neutral (gal.)Thermo-55 Tabac-Attack (gal.)
Formulation RTU
Sold in gallon cases  4 one gallon (3.8 L) bottles
Case reorder no. 433002901
Flash point  154° F  | 67.7° C
Appearance Clear light yellow liquid
Specific gravity 0.79
Use Instructions

Thermo-55 is intended for use with thermal fogging devices only.

Mixing: Do not dilute. Use full strength.

Application: Apply using a thermal fogger at a rate of 0.5–1.5 ounces per thousand cubic feet.

For best results, use Thermo-55 as part of the Guaranteed Odor Removal System.

For complete instructions and safety information about this product, refer to the product label and Safety Data Sheet, available under the Documents tab. 


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