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ProRestore Electro-Gen™
Tackle odors fast and efficiently with the industry's most durable electric thermal fogger.
A versatile odor control application tool, the Electro-Gen produces a true "dry fog" with a particle size similar to that found in smoke – allowing for deep, thorough penetration and virtually eliminating the drips and streaks associated with conventional misters and foggers.

Legend Rewards: 100 Points

Remove the heater barrel and the Electro-Gen also can be used as an electric sprayer to apply solvent or water-based chemicals for deodorizing.


Electro-Gen (110V)Electro-Gen (220V)
Sold by the unit 1 unit per box
Unit reorder no. 102257000
Output 1 oz. per minute
Formulation tank capacity 3 quarts
Dimensions  Diameter of base:     8 in.
Height:                     11 in.
Barrell Length:         10 in.
Barrell Diameter:     3.25 in.
Weight ~5 lbs.
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Compliance dates for product label changes and replacing MSDSs with Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for the Global Harmonization System (GHS) have now been established within the United States. Legend Brands is on schedule to comply with GHS requirements. We are reviewing our line product by product and are posting GHS compliant SDSs on our websites as they are completed. We anticipate that the conversion of product labels to the SDS format will begin in second quarter 2014.


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