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ODORx Double-O™
Double-strength odor counteractant eliminates stubborn protein odors.
Double-O is specially formulated to eliminate the stubborn protein odors resulting from kitchen fires, burned meat, spoiled food, and more. Double-O is also highly effective against sewage related odors and for water damage restoration.

Legend Rewards: 100 Points
Double-O is a blend of powerful odor control counteractants, solvents and detergents that reduce the spread of odor-causing molecules into the environment. Double-O also contains surfactants that help the product penetrate into odor-damaged surfaces and to disperse in water. Working with especially difficult odors? Try ProRestore's Guaranteed Odor Removal System.


Double-O (case)
Formulation Concentrate
Sold in gallon cases 4 one gallon (3.8L) bottles
Case reorder no. 431752000
Flash point 127º F | 52.7º C
Appearance Clear orange yellow liquid
pH 8.2
Specific gravity 0.96
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Product Images

Image of Double-O (Can)

Use Instructions

Double-O can be applied with a compression sprayer or an airless paint sprayer.

Mixing: Add 3–4 ounces of Double-O per gallon of lukewarm tap water.

Application: Spray onto sources of odor with pressure sprayer. Add to wall and fiber cleaning solutions as needed. Apply with a compression sprayer or an airless paint sprayer. See label and User Guide for additional instructions.

For complete instructions and safety data for this product, refer to the User Guide and Material Safety Data Sheet, available under the Documents tab.


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